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HOT OFF THE PRESS!! 13 O’Clock Blues Band gets 4 star review for the new release ‘Devil’s Dance’ in Downbeat Magazine – click here to read

FreeNote Records is pleased to kick off the new year with two brand new releases!!
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Guitarist/composer Jon Catler and legendary drummer Ra Kalam Bob Moses combine forces on their new duo CD Ultra Minor, using guitars and percussion both tuned to C 528 hertz, and playing in pure Harmonic Series tuning.
Ra Kalam’s fluid and free drumming resonates and interacts with Catler’s microtonal and fretless guitars in a set of compositions and improvisations that steer both players in new directions.
The title track, Ultra Minor, is a 20 minute epic performed in the deepest, darkest minor tonality possible, using the 147th Harmonic as the ultra minor third. This is a tonality that has rarely, if ever, been heard in music, and which is the reversal of the ‘Devil’s Tone’ of 741. The piece also features fretless sustainer guitar over a Harmonic Rhythm section, which plays the Harmonic ratios as rhythms.
‘The drums and guitar soar quickly together like two flames dancing” – Downtown Music Gallery NYC

Devil’s Dance is the debut CD from 13 O’Clock Blues Band (Jon Catler, Babe Borden, Timo Shanko, Skip Fischer) featuring a combination of original songs as well as rearrangements of some classics ranging from Howling’ Wolf to Led Zeppelin, recorded entirely in C 528 Hertz and performed in pure Harmonic Series tuning.
For the first time, there is a growing global awareness of a specific frequency. 528 hertz has been found to be the vibrating frequency at the heart of chlorophyll and hemoglobin, and is now being used to heal DNA. Devil’s Dance is the first rock-blues CD to be entirely performed and recorded in the cosmic C 528 hertz frequency.
The band takes this concept one step further by combining it with pure Harmonic Series pitches, the notes-between-the-notes. This connection between the ancient sacred frequencies and cutting edge blues is being pioneered on this important release by 13 O’Clock Blues Band.
“4 Stars” – Downbeat Magazine, 3/18

Jon Catler and Hansford Rowe performing with
La Monte Young in NYC this month!

Jung Hee Choi’s Tonecycle for Blues Base 30 Hz, 2:3:7 Ensemble Version with 4:3
September 30 – October 14
MELA Foundation Dream House, NYC
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The Sundara All-Star Band
Marian Zazeela, voice
Jung Hee Choi, voice
Jon Catler, fretless guitar
Hansford Rowe, fretless bass
Naren Budhkar, tabla

Since 1996, FreeNote Music has been providing the highest quality microtonal guitars and recordings to customers around the globe. We are committed to giving musicians and listeners access to the wealth of pitches that go beyond the standard 12 note tuning system. Tuning systems including 19-tone and 31-tone equal temperaments, 12-Tone Ultra Plus, Just Intonation and Fretless can now be ordered from FreeNote Music. Our exclusive partnership with leading American guitar company G&L Guitars allows the customer to order any G&L guitar or bass through us, with any of our neck designs. You can also order our necks separately, or have them installed on a body of your choice. You can also design the guitar or bass of your dreams through the new FreeNote Custom Shop.

We also offer an ever growing array of the best microtonal recordings and books available including FreeNote artists and other microtonal artists from around the world.”

What is microtonal music?

  • Can you imagine the sound of a piano that has no familiar intervals on it?
  • Did you know that the human voice naturally wants to sing in pure Just Intonation if given the chance?
  • Did you know that guitars and basses can easily have frets added to give you more possibilities?
  • Did you know that all wind instruments (sax, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon) have the possibility, through alternate fingerings, to achieve different tuning systems?
  • Did you know that you can create your own tuning system with a little understanding?

The system of tuning used in the European tradition in the last 200 years or so is 12-Tone Equal Temperament, a man-made tuning. Before this there were many other tunings as used by Bach and earlier composers, but since then 12-Tone Equal has dominated the mainstream of musical progress. Microtonal music is music that uses the notes between the notes of 12-Equal. “Just Intonation” is the name given to tunings which are derived from the pure notes of the naturally occurring Harmonic Series. There is no longer any room for musical dogmatism – let’s explore the infinite world of tuning possibilities!