WildHouse Studio

Welcome to the website of WildHouse Studio, a full service recording studio and music center located in Randolph, MA.
We feature state of the art recording gear, experienced top level engineers and staff, a unique collection of musical instruments, and amplifiers from vintage to modern.
WildHouse Studio is the perfect spot for a wide variety of recording projects, from songwriter demos to full live band productions. Our large live room sounds incredible, with high ceilings and plenty of space, all housed in a 200 year old barn that has been completely renovated to provide a very special recording experience.
As a full service music center, WildHouse also offers music lessons, rehearsal, video production, backline rental, and media duplication, as well as producers, musicians, and composers.
WildHouse is also honored to be the first Harmonic recording studio. Instruments available include microtonal fretted guitars and basses in Harmonic Series tuning, as well as 12-Tone Ultra Plus, 19-tone and 31-tone equal tempered, and Fretless guitars and basses, microtunable keyboards, and tuned drums. We also have a beautiful 1936 Ivers and Pond (Boston) Baby Grand Piano that can be tuned to standard or other tunings.
Our production and teaching staff members have worked with some of the top names in the music industry, and have extensive experience in multiple musical genres including microtonal and Harmonic music.
Click here to see a list of our WildHouse Production and Teaching Staff.
Contact us today at freenote@earthlink.net to discuss your interests and see how WildHouse Studio can help you express the music inside you.

WildStock @ WildHouse Studio, 8/16/19 – photo Tommy Colbert.

Here is a preliminary list of recording gear available for your sessions at WildHouse Studio!

Studio Gear List


Advanced Audio CM67se
Shure KSM 313 Ribbon
Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon
Beyerdynamic M88TG
Audio Technica AT 4040
Line Audio CM4 (x4)
Audix Drum Mic Set
AKG D112
Shure SM94 condenser (x2)
Shure Beta 58 (x5)
Shure 57 (x5)


Neve 511 Preamp (x2)
Neve 551 EQ (x2)
Neve 535 Compressor (x2)
Neve 517 Preamp
Neve 545 Primary Source Enhancer
Little Labs Voice of God (VOG)
Lee Jackson Custom Mic Preamp
Neve Direct Box


Neumann KH120

Rycote USM (x4)
Rycote 7HG MKIII (x4)
Rycote INV6 (x4)


Fender Twin Reverb
Fender 1962 Princeton
Marshall Super Lead Plexi 50-watt head
Marshall 18-watt combo
Marshall Astoria Custom 30-watt combo
Marshall 800 50-watt combo
Marshall 900 100-watt combo
Vox AC-15 Hand Wired
Vox AC4
Friedman Runt 20-watt combo
Mesa Blue Angel head
Fargen 25-watt 1×12 custom combo
Mesa Boogie Studio and Quad Preamps
Hartke Model 5000 500-watt bass amp head
Eden 4×10 bass cabinet
Eden 1×15 bass cabinet

Additional Audio Equipment

Allen & Heath GL3800 48ch large Format Console
2 JBL Urie Compressor/Limiter
TC Electronic M One Efx
Digitech Quad Efx
Dbx 31 Oct Stereo EQ
Tascam Commercial CDR burner
Denon Pro CD Player
Tascam 3030 1/2 track reel recorder
Tascam DA 20 DAT recorder
Sony Mini Disc recorder
Sony Cassette Recorder
Pioneer Laser Disc Player
Nu Mark Pro DD turntable
Conquest Audio Snakes
Rolls Head Phone Amp
Numark EQ w/ freq analyzer
3 Tascam DA 38 Digital 8 Track recorders w/sync
Tascam 38 1/2″ 8 track reel recorder
2 Tanoy 6.5 studio monitors

Babe Borden at the Ivers & Pond, WildStock, 8/16/19 – photo Tommy Colbert

Babe Borden at the Ivers & Pond, WildStock, 8/16/19 – photo Tommy Colbert

Gary Twaddle at the WildHouse Studio helm, WildStock, 8/16/19 – photo Tommy Colbert

Madeleine & Bill Noland, WildStock, 8/16/19 – photo Tommy Colbert

Madeleine & Bill Noland, WildStock, 8/16/19 – photo Tommy Colbert