Birdhhouse ScanFreeNote Music is pleased to announce the release of the debut CD by Birdhouse. With this 11-song CD, Birdhouse has taken actual microtonal transcriptions of birdsong, as well as songs inspired by birds and expressed them through an extended 13-limit system of Just Intonation. Called “Nature’s Tuning System”, Just Intonation is a naturally occurring set of notes which covers a deep range of true consonance and dissonance. Birdhouse’s far reaching vision blends this extended palette with a new level of artistry; The results are magical and unique, a flight into the Beyond.

Hovering in new musical territory, Birdhouse joins the unique talents of innovative guitarist and composer, Jon Catler and coloratura songstress, Meredith Borden. The strength of this collaboration has evolved through years of touring, recording, and developing a pioneering language fueled by the primal energy of rock, blues and minimalism. This Birdhouse CD creates an aviary of sound, highlighting the special talents of multi-instrumentalist Brad Catler on percussion and fretless bass, flutist Andrew Bolotowsky, and drummer Jonathan Kane; furthermore, on its classic peace anthem “Bird of Prey,” Birdhouse introduces a microtonal choir featuring the voices of Carla Buffa, Paul Matsumoto and Joseph Liebhart.

What people are saying about Birdhouse:

“Confident and convincing……”
– Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

“These two highly talented people make up a killer duet…”
– Gene Pritsker, The New Music Connoisseur

“Catler’s microtones combined with Borden’s to create convincing soundscapes….”
– Peter Spencer, NJ Star Ledger

“You don’t expect birds to sing in the 12 notes of the equal tempered scale, so you shouldn’t expect Meredith Borden or Jon Catler to play in that scale either!”
– John Schaefer, WNYC, New Sounds