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G&L Custom Guitars

Microtonal Guitars now available from one of America’s Best guitar makers. FreeNote is proud to announce that, through an exclusive arrangement with G&L Guitars of California, we are offering microtonally-fretted and fretless G&L Guitars and basses. These instruments are hand made in the old Fender factory in Fullerton, CA, designed by Leo Fender, and fretted by our own top luthiers. We are especially happy to unveil the new G&L 12-Tone Plus Guitar, which keeps the standard 12 frets per octave in place, but adds seven more frets per octave in Just Intonation, for a total of 19-frets per octave and 23 different pitches. The 12-Tone Plus system lets the player retain the tuning system he is used to, but also gives him the option to play pure notes derived directly from the Harmonic Series. For the first time ever, a major guitar company is getting behind microtonal guitars. Email to discuss your order. (IMPORTANT! When contacting FreeNote Music by email, you must include relevant topics in the subject line such as “microtones,” “guitars,” etc. Otherwise, it may be deleted as spam.)

Any model G&L guitar or bass, with any of the options they offer, is available through FreeNote with any of our fretting designs. To check out the G&L models/options, go to and contact FreeNote for ordering.

Please use the contact form below for all queries concerning G&L custom guitars. Include as much info as necessary, including the desired G&L model and fretting system.

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