Guitars & Necks Overview

FreeNote 12-Tone Ultra Plus® Guitars and Necks

12-Tone Ultra Plus® guitar necks are expertly crafted and fretted to allow 36 notes per octave, 13 limit Just Intonation licks, chords, melodies like you’ve never heard before – all while preserving the 12 standard pitches.

Each comes with a manual that covers theory and gives musical examples in both notation and tablature. Now available for $749, these Fender-style necks can be bolted on to the body of your choice, providing the most cost effective way yet to get your hands on some microtonal magic!

Designed by microtonal guitarist Jon Catler, these necks let you keep the standard 12 frets per octave in place while adding 12 new frets. These new frets are 7th, 11th, and 13th harmonics straight from the Harmonic Series. Pure harmony, shimmering dissonance, or anything in between, these notes will open new musical doors for any player in any genre.

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Build Quality and Options

Our necks are all professionally handmade in the United States. We use top quality wood, fretwire and nut material. Each neck comes installed with Gover Mini-Rotomatic tuners to ensure superior tuning stability.

Our necks are made to exact Fender scale and specifications for direct replacement on both Fender guitars and basses.

Available for both right and left-handed guitars, all our necks come with either maple or rosewood fingerboards at no extra cost.

For further questions, feel free to email us. You may always contact us for a custom quote on delivery, including expedited overnight service. (IMPORTANT! When contacting FreeNote Music by email, you must include relevant topics in the subject line such as “microtones,” “guitars,” etc. Otherwise, it may be deleted as spam.)

Note: When attaching a neck to a body, it is important to adhere to common set-up methods to ensure the proper balance between string height, truss rod, and fret height. Great care is taken in the manufacturing process to provide uniform fret levels, although some adjustment may be necessary, and string trees should be added after the strings are put on.

*12-Tone Ultra Plus ® is a Registered Trademark of FreeNote Records

FreeNote Fretless Flyer Guitars and Neck

With specially treated fingerboards, our fretless guitars are a revolution in instrument design. Beautiful, singing sustain combined with solid tone on an easy-to-play fingerboard make adjusting to a world without frets achievable for any style of music; and unlike other modern approaches to fretless guitar design, our fingerboards won’t gunk up after hours of play, like metal, and aren’t easily damaged like glass is.

And of course without frets, you are free to play in any tuning system possible. Whether you’re using 12, 19, 31 or more notes per octave, or pure Harmonic Series intervals, the Flyer series can traverse any musical territory.

Note: Fretless guitars require very strict setups in order to play and sound properly. String action should be set as low, with the neck as straight as possible. All of our fretless guitars are setup for maximum tonal quality and playability.

FreeNote 31-Tone Equal Temperament Guitars and Necks

We also offer FreeNote necks with the 31-Tone Equal Tempered Tuning system.

This popular tuning system features 31 equally spaced frets in the octave, with 3rds and Harmonic 7ths that are very close to pure Harmonic Series pitches. This system is a revelation in terms of the ability to play such Harmonic intervals in 31 major or minor keys, as well as allowing brand new intervals such as Neutral 3rds, 6ths, 7ths, and 9ths—also available in 31 keys.

These Neutral tones sit midway between major and minor identities: Giving a new feeling that is neither major nor minor. Pricing is $849 (plus $35 shipping within the U.S.) Available with Maple or Rosewood fingerboards.

FreeNote 19-Tone Equal Temperament Guitars and Necks

We have a limited supply of FreeNote 19-Tone Equal Tempered necks in stock. The 19-tone system is a popular microtonal tuning system that some consider the next step after the current standard 12-Tone Equal.

19-tone provides more consonant major thirds and beautifully in-tune minor thirds/major sixths, as well as intriguing new melodic and harmonic options. As it is an equal temperament, all 19 keys are the same, so modulation to 19 different major or minor keys is possible!

Expertly crafted by the FreeNote luthiers and featuring Grover tuners, these are available with Maple or Rosewood fingerboards and fit any standard Fender-style body. Sold without bolt holes so you can perfectly match the neck to your guitar. Price is $749 (plus $35 shipping within the U.S.)

FreeNote 24-Fret Just Intonation Guitars and Necks

FreeNote Guitars is pleased to debut the new 24-Fret Just Intonation fretting system. This system features 24 perfectly placed frets, all of which allow access to the pure intervals of the Harmonic Series. Pure 3rds, 5ths, 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, and 13th Harmonics are now available on a top quality, American made neck. 24 straight frets, with no split frets, allows great playability. This neck can be played in standard tuning (E-A-D-G-B-E) or open tunings, works great in open G, open D, open C, or any open tuning you come up with. Also perfect for C 528hz cosmic tuning. All frets are Harmonic Series pitches. And if you already have a 12-Tone Ultra Plus guitar, this is the pure Just Intonation version.

We are currently taking orders on these necks, and you can also order already mounted on any G&L Guitar. Price is $899 (plus $35 shipping within the U.S.) and they are available in Maple or Rosewood fingerboards, right or left handed.