Here is some of the positive feedback we have received from our customers:
Thank you,
Will “The Thrill” Arnold
Music City, USA
“25 years ago I hit a dead end playing 12 tone guitar. In my quest for something innovative, I put out the word to friends in the music world. The response came back loud and clear that I needed to get an introduction to the cutting edge of a new music: Jon Catler. I met with Jon and he took me to musical places I didn’t know existed. Soon after our meeting, Jon and I became close friends and I’m still learning from the master of microtonal music. It’s been my pleasure and honor to be part of his THE 13 O’CLOCK BAND. Together with Jon and another close friend, Dane Johnson, we’ve explored new vistas in sound and music. Once one hears and plays the harmonics of 12-tone Ultra Plus, 19-tone, 31-tone or fretless Freenote Guitar, there is no turning back. I thank you, Jon, for taking me into a new world of music and harmony.“

– Joseph Liebhart (Jersey City, NJ)

Thank you,
Will “The Thrill” Arnold
Music City, USA
“What a gorgeous neck you guys built for me! I mated it to a surf-green T-style body, custom pups and wiring. It’s amazing! I’m taking it to gigs later this winter once I’ve incorporated these new tones into my repertoire.

This was that quartersawn 1 piece maple neck and it’s thick but not too thick, figured but not flashy, and the frets are the perfect size. You guys knocked it out of the park!“

“The Freenote 12 -Tone Ultra Plus guitar is an extraordinarily inspiring instrument, providing a plethora of beautiful JI intervals that are not available on a regular guitar. It gives you access to new sound worlds and allows you to explore new new territory as a guitarist. Music making got much more interesting using this guitar.“

– Brendan Byrnes (Los Angeles, CA)

“Since I have been playing microtonal guitar now for almost one year, I have barely tapped into the new musical world that lies ahead. It is an incredible world that I highly encourage any guitarist to challenge yourself to start exploring the mostly unchartered territory. Microtonal Music is the way of the future with many different temperaments and Just Intonation to be explored, It does not matter what style of music that you play, whether it is rock, jazz, blues, country, classical….or any other style. 12 Tone ET is great, but it is time to move on. FreeNote makes it possible for anyone to start the adventure with high quality instruments at a great price!“

– Gregory Sanchez (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

“The FreeNote necks are not just unusual but have a real musical purpose without overlooking the quality and playability. Thanks for expanding my musical palette.“

– Angel Zamora (Mexico City, Mexico)

“Playing this guitar is deeply healing. The guitar arrived perfectly, and I’m utterly impressed … And the fret design is like something out of a dream. It instantly pays out – and demands – more than anything I can compare it to. The depths of the implied puzzles are beyond my imagination. Just what I needed! 🙂

Thanks so much! I couldn’t adequately praise what you’re doing.“

– Karma Jinpa Zangpo (Asheville, NC)