Runaway World is a contemporary opera by composer Jon Catler in which three separate archetypal groups resolve their differences through music and dance. The drama culminates in a ritualistic “Dance to the Death” between the 3 factions: The Runaways, The Visitors and The Opposition. The common ground between the groups is revealed to be their connection to Natural phenomena including trees, birdsong and shared transcendent experiences – all are brought together under the canopy of Natural Harmonic series tuning.

The lead character of The Runaways is Dove, a free spirited female. The lead character of The Visitors is The Visitor who is a wise Shamanic individual. The lead character of The Opposition is Barbosa, an imposing dictatorial type supported by his strong arm enforcer, Centurian, who is the leader of the Sacred Band of Thebes. One of the secrets inherent in the opera is that, unbeknownst to the prejudiced Barbosa, the Sacred Band of Thebes consists solely of a society of gay men who would be “taken away” should Barbosa discover their true nature. Barbosa was responsible for driving away and separating Dove and The Mother, and it is through a moment of synchronicity that all 3 are reconnected. The final revelation and Barbosa’s confession results in a general awareness and acceptance of each character’s true Nature.

Some of the concepts represented in Runaway World include spirituality, psychedelia, democracy, dictatorship, artistic suppression, sexual preference and prejudice, the disenfranchised, the Ancient Greek Tetrachord and the evolution of consciousness.

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