FreeNote Fretless Flyer Guitar Neck


With specially treated fingerboards, our fretless guitars are a revolution in instrument design. Beautiful, singing sustain combined with solid tone on an easy-to-play fingerboard make adjusting to a world without frets achievable for any style of music; and unlike other modern approaches to fretless guitar design, our fingerboards won’t gunk up after hours of play, like metal, and aren’t easily damaged like glass is.

And of course without frets, you are free to play in any tuning system possible. Whether you’re using 12, 19, 31 or more notes per octave, or pure Harmonic Series intervals, the Flyer series can traverse any musical territory.

Note: Fretless guitars require very strict setups in order to play and sound properly. String action should be set as low, with the neck as straight as possible. All of our fretless guitars are setup for maximum tonal quality and playability.



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