FreeNote/G&L 12-Tone Ultra Plus Tribute Legacy, Blueburst w/ Pearl Pickgard – $1099

The Legacy has that classic Strat sound with the reliable and world class G&L build quality.
Featuring 3 single coil Alnico V pickups complemented by Leo Fender’s own modern refinements, the dark Blueburst finish over Swamp Ash body is completed here with FreeNote’s original fretting design that keeps the standard 12 frets in place while adding pure Harmonic Series frets in between, on a hand made maple neck.
Price $1099
Includes Free Gig Bag and FREE Manual!
*To order this FreeNote/G&L 12-Tone Ultra Plus ® Tribute Legacy for $1,099 (plus $60 for shipping in the US – for international orders please contact us), click the Add to Cart button below.

Price: $1,099.00

Shipping: $60.00

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