Jon Catler, Evolution for Electric Guitar and Orchestra

Jon Catler
$15 Limited Edition CD
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Performed in 62-Tone Just Intonation, this four movement symphonic work builds from sustained Harmonic resonance, to tight unison passages, to driving tribal rythmns, leading to a high-paced finale. Conducted by Grammy award winner Joel Thome (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) and led by Jon Catler’s 62-note per octave guitar, the orchestra features some of New York’s top musicians in a daring, landmark work. Instrumentation: 2 Just Intonation guitars, 2 violins, viola, cello, upright bass, electric JI bass, percussion, and 2 vocalists, all in 13-limit Harmonic Series tuning. If you’re interested in hearing the evolution of tuning and what can be done with the Harmonic Series in 2001, get this CD. This is a Limited Edition pressing.


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