Jon Catler, Live at the American Festival of Microtonal Music, 1981-1999 (Pitch Records)

JON CATLER Live @ The American Festival of Microtonal Music, 1981-1999 (Pitch Records)
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Seven microtonal compositions tracing the evolution of Catler’s involvement with the AFMM. Features 31-tone classical and electric guitars, 49-tone and 64-tone Just Intonation, 19-tone, fretless guitar in settings from small ensemble to electric guitar with full orchestra.

Featured musicians include Jon Catler, Brad Catler, Johnny Reinhard, Neil Haverstick, Hansford Rowe and more. Compositions include “La Religion est une Salope” (1981), “Sleeping Beauty” (1986), “Planet Slicer I” and “II” (1985/1987), “Timepeace” (1993), “Joint” (1994), and “Evolution (Full Orchestral version – 1999).” Pitch CD. P-200206


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