Jon Catler and Ra Kalam Bob Moses, Ultra Minor CD

NEW FOR 2018!! Guitarist/composer Jon Catler and legendary drummer Ra Kalam Bob Moses combine forces on their new duo CD Ultra Minor, using guitars and percussion both tuned to C 528 hertz, and playing in pure Harmonic Series tuning.
Ra Kalam’s fluid and free drumming resonates and interacts with Catler’s microtonal and fretless guitars in a set of compositions and improvisations that steer both players in new directions.
The title track, Ultra Minor, is a 20 minute epic performed in the deepest, darkest minor tonality possible, using the 147th Harmonic as the ultra minor third. This is a tonality that has rarely, if ever, been heard in music, and which is the reversal of the ‘Devil’s Tone’ of 741. The piece also features fretless sustainer guitar over a Harmonic Rhythm section, which plays the Harmonic ratios as rhythms.
‘The drums and guitar soar quickly together like two flames dancing" - Downtown Music Gallery NYC


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