13 O’Clock Blues Band, Devil’s Dance


NEW FOR 2018!! Devil's Dance is the debut CD from 13 O'Clock Blues Band featuring Jon Catler, Babe Borden, Timo Shanko and Skip Fischer storming their way through originals and songs by Howlin' Wolf and Led Zeppelin recorded entirely in C 528 hertz and performed in pure Harmonic Series tuning. For the first time, there is a global awareness of a specific frequency. 528 hertz has been found to be the vibrating frequency at the heart of chlorophyll and hemoglobin, and is now being used to heal DNA. Devil’s Dance is the first rock-blues CD to be entirely performed and recorded in the cosmic C 528 hertz frequency. The band takes this concept one step further by combining it with pure Harmonic Series pitches, the notes-between-the-notes. This connection between the ancient sacred frequencies and cutting edge blues is being pioneered on this important release by 13 O’Clock Blues Band.


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