Angelos Quetzalcoatl, The Guitar Music of Beethoven, Carrillo and Corral

New release from Sonido 13! This CD is a limited import.
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From Sonido 13, Angelos Quetzalcoatl’s new cd, The Guitar Music of Beethoven, Carrillo and Corral, features classical guitar performances that include some rare works by microtonal composer Julian Carrillo (1875-1965). Hailing from Mexico, Carrillo produced a number of instruments designed to play increasingly smaller divisions of the semitone. Included here are Carrillo’s Suite for Quarter-Tone Guitar, Three Preludes in Semitones, Two Preludes for Carrillo Guitar, and Two Etudes in Quarter-Tones. Also included is a piece for Double-Neck E-Guitar by Corral (1980-) and Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Sonata For Guitar.


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